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Safe Injection Site Pops Up in Lowertown

A new “pop-up” safe injection site in Lowertown is intervening in the current opioid crisis, working to save drug users from overdoses.

The site is currently operating without governmental permission, but local community activists stress the urgency in saving lives now.

“In mid-August, a few of us who were directly impacted with losing loved ones to overdose decided we couldn’t stand by while those we loved died, and that we would act instead of talk,” Stan Kupferschmidt, an organizer and volunteer with Overdose Prevention Ottawa, explained to the Leveller. “A week after our first meeting, we opened Ottawa’s first overdose prevention site on unceded Algonquin territory to save lives.”



1 Historical: During the English Civil War (c. 1649), one who favoured the abolition of all rank and privilege. Originally an insult, but later embraced by radical anti-Royalists.

2 One who tells the truth, as in “I’m going to level with you.”

3 An instrument that knocks down things that are standing up or digs up things that are buried or hidden.

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